Friday, September 23, 2022

Happy Birthday To My Daughter!!!

Mornin'!  It's 55° in Wildwood NJ.  What a difference a day makes! (sung by Diana Ross).
It's sunny with very low humidity and winds out of the N-NW at 20-25mph +gusting.  It feels like 50°.  I'm wondering what all  my tropical houseplants are thinking as they blow around thanks to the gusty winds while they're out on the porches and decks. I guess it's time to bring them all back into the house.  I'd say it's on the cool side this morning. Thanks to these strong, relentless winds, we're under a "Gale Warning" until 2pm this afternoon and a "High Rip Current Warning" until tomorrow.  So, what this means is the north winds will be creating havoc on the seas which could be up to 10'.  Winds that strong impacts vessels in the seas which could capsize or damage boats.  Mariners should stay in port, seek safe harbor, or alter course due to severe conditions.  As for the Rip Currents: our beaches are unguarded and the surf could be anywhere from 8-10' and extremely rough with that under current pulling you relentlessly away from shore. Stay out of the water!  Now, with all that said... it's going to be a busy, crowded, festival-full weekend.  We've got a festival or event in every town on this island.  North Wildwood's Irish Festival begins today, Wildwood's got the Classic Car Show happening at the same time along with Wildwood Crest having their annual Seafarers Festival.  There will be a lot of folk back here on the island most of which haven't a clue about Gale Warnings and dangerous Rip Currents.  If in danger, call 911.  This is really serious.  Wildwood had 4 drownings in an 8-day span in the very beginning of the Season due to unguarded beaches and unknowing folk.  
So, with all that said, it'll be a lovely Autumn day with plenty of sunshine, temps in the mid-60s and N-NW winds at 20-30mph +gusting (aka: bad hair day).  Tonight... a few passing clouds, low near 50° and N-NW winds at 15-25mph +gusting.  Tomorrow... some clouds in the mix in the morning, giving way to sunny skies in the afternoon with high near 70° and W-NW winds at 10-20mph.  Sunday... mostly cloudy, high near 77° with S-SW winds at 15-20mph.  And, last  but not least... A very Happy Birthday to my youngest; my daughter Alison.  This blogs for you my Sweet!  Love you!
High Tide: 7:05AM and 7:13PM
Low Tide: 12:42PM
Ocean Temp: 75°
Sunrise: 6:47AM
Sunset: 6:57PM
UV Index: 5.8
Rip Current: High Risk (extremely dangerous conditions)
Corona Virus Cases in NJ: 2,722,301
Corona Virus Deaths in NJ: 35,700
Corona Virus Cases in CMC: 27,123
Corona Virus Deaths in CMC: 322

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