Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Change-is-a-coming on the Anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Mornin'! It's 70 years ago today that Pearl Harbor was attacked. A day that lives in infamy. It's 59° in Wildwood. It's dark, breezy and raining. Things are going to change up a bit as this mild weather as of late will be diminishing throughout the day today. The winds shift from SSW @ 10mph to NW @ 25-35mph and will bring with it cold and a wintry blast of 38° by tonight. The island will have periods of rain throughout the day, heavy tonight and ending tomorrow along with the much colder temps. Ah...finally it will feel like Christmas is in the air...only 18 more days! Winter begins on the 21st. High tide:5:17p.m.; Low tide:11:26a.m.; Ocean temp: 55°; Sunset:4:38p.m.

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