Saturday, December 31, 2011

This is it...Adios, Cherrio, Ciao, Au Revoir, Aloha, Tata, Toq, Na Razie, Sholem, Sizobanana, Baidh, Hasta Luego, Dewa Mata, Auf Wiedersehen!

Mornin'! Just wanted to begin by addressing 2011...GOODBYE! I'm really beginning to stack up the years! My first blog was in December of 2009. My personal New Years Journeys...too much reflection, but it is truly amazing how the new year has rapidly descended upon us. To all my blog readers and you know who you are...thanks for taking time to read my words. I check my Stat Counter almost daily and see my blog is read by many people and that includes the places locally, all over the country and all over the world. In my mind, I'm an International blogging celebrity. I'm not sure if I'd continue to be so diligent on a daily basis if you all weren't out there faithfully checking on my weather blogs. I know who some of you are and most of you I don't, but Happy New Year to all! It's 52° in Wildwood this New Years Eve morn. It's cloudy at the moment and the sun actually just broke through and is back to being obscured. We we're supposed to get some light showers this morning (not sure where that one came from) as the sky clears by late morning and the sun returns. (It's happening as I type). Temps will hit the mid-upper 50's. Winds will come from the SW later this morning, then shift from the N-NW later this afternoon and into the evening 15-20mph. Could be a revelers bad hair night. High tide:12:12p.m.; Low tide:6:34p.m.; Ocean temp:51°; Sunset:4:48p.m. See you next year!!!


Jim Anders said...

Dear International Blogging Celebrity,
I wish to fan your fires with fanfare because I'm a fan of your blog.
An Adoring Fan

Kathy said...

Thank you Jim. my #1 fan.