Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Mornin'! It's 39° in Wildwood this morning. Temps will get up into the mid 50's today. I'm not getting too excited as it appears to be a raw, rotten, nasty day directly heading right for the island. It'll begin with milky morning clouds turning to thick cloud cover until they finally open up pouring down a steady rain for at least 6 hours beginning after lunchtime and continue into the evening. Along with the rain, winds will be tagging along out of the South then, SE at 15-25mph with 35mph gusts. You know what that means...gale warnings will be out; the seas will be at least 9' today. Sounds kinda nasty, also sounds like I could be christening my new "wellies" and that's much better than snow boots like last year! High tide:9:01a.m.; Low tide:3:32p.m.; Ocean temp: 49° (finally hit the 40's); Sunset: 4:45p.m.

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Jim Anders said...

I thought I smelled a "raw, rotten, nasty" egg. Then I looked out the window and saw it was just this day headed my way.