Friday, December 30, 2011

Nice Start to the Year

Mornin'! It's 42° under clear, starlit skies. No breezes to write about as it's still and quiet out there. The sunrise is due in less than an hour. Should be a beauty too. Beginning today, the Coast will have a 3-day stretch of mild, dry, mostly sunny, unseasonable winter weather. Temps are heading back into the mid-50's as breezes begin wafting over the island later at 10-15mph from the S-SW. Nice start to the weekend and a nice start to the New Year. What more can you ask for? High tide:11:22a.m.; Low tide:5:48p.m.; Ocean temp: 52°; Sunset:4:47p.m.

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Jim Anders said...

Tullamore Dew (in Masthead), but I don't.