Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Winter's Night

Mornin'! It's 51° in Wildwood. Winter begins at midnight tonight. It sure doesn't feel like it though. Temps will rise into the high 50's and possibly reaching 60° today. In the morning darkness, the breezes are kicking up out of the South at 15-20mph bringing with it that morning sea fragrance...very nice. Here's the's dry at the moment except for the overnight sea moisture dampening everything on the island. Light showers are headed right in our direction as I blog. Those showers will be turning to a steady rain by this afternnon. Those Southerly breezes will pick up as they shift to the W-SW towards evening. Sun returns tomorrow. High tide:4:18p.m.; Low tide: 10:22a.m.; Ocean temp:50°; Sunset:4:42p.m. Christmas is in the air!

1 comment:

Jim Anders said...

I agree that "Christmas is in the air," but Snowflakes? Noflakes!