Friday, December 9, 2011

Mild Winter's Day

Mornin'! It's 30° this clear, dark, still morning on the island. Temps are heading into the low-50's today as the sun beats down. (Sunrise in an hour) Breezes will be out of the SW at 7-11mph. Clouds could increase a bit by this afternoon. But for the most part...sunny and mild for a winter's day. Sunny and mild albeit cooler (temps in the 40's) for a winter's weekend. High tide: 6:41p.m.; Low tide:12:48p.m.; Ocean temp: 55°; Sunset: 4:38p.m. A Full moon will cross over the horizon tomorrow at 4:49p.m. as it escorts me to my next Christmas party!


Jim Anders said...

That turtle shoots through the water just like my B B Gun would if Santa gave me one for Christmas.

Henry H. Turtle said...

But you'll shoot your eye out, Mr. Anders! I'm just glad to see that Santa goes to the trouble to take care of all us... even the wet ones!