Monday, December 5, 2011

Unseasonably Warmer Continues

Mornin'! It's 43° on the island this early morn. It's still dark, but the horizon's looking a tad brighter as the sun's due up in less than an hour. The Sunrise looks like another beauty too since there's a little sprinkling of clouds to help with the picturesque seascape. Speaking of beauty...the day will be one as the unseasonably warmer temps will continue due to WW seeing 60° temperatures once again. As for the clouds...they'll hang around today as the forecasters are saying partly sunny/party cloudy; take your pick. Winds will drift in later from the South at 5-10mph. High tide:3:45p.m.; Low tide:9:51a.m.; Ocean Temp: 56°; Sunset: 4:39p.m. We may see some rain tomorrow in the evening. 20 days until Christmas!


Henry H. Turtle said...

Nice night on the beach on Saturday! Loving the new banner - so bright and festive and clumsy clausy!

Jim Anders said...

Is santa surf-surfing, surfboard surfing, being pulled by Rudolph watersurfing, smurfing, or what? I know you cropped this picture, Kathy, for banner purposes, I want the whole picture, as shot from the moon, broadcast by NASA, from God's eyes to my own. Anything? What you got?