Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winds are Out; Clouds are In

Mornin'! It's a crisp, 30° in WW this morning. Those pesky winds have diminished making for a very still and quiet start to the day. I can't hear or smell the ocean. It feels like everything should be frost covered, but it's not. Got to see the sunset last evening in North Cape May. I don't recall ever seeing the Bay with white caps before as those winds were really stirring things up. The sunset was lovely just the same as I applauded it when it sank and disappeared. Today's winds are minimal, out of the West and shifting from the SW at 10mph. This morning's sunrise will be crossing the horizon in just about an hour as the clear, starlit sky will be handing the day over. Wildwood will have a sunny start to the day and will eventually give in to some cloud cover. No rain is predicted although a "clipper" will stay north of the island for the next couple days and will throw plenty of clouds in this direction. Low 40's for today temperature, but the weekend's looking a bit milder as we head into the mid-50's again. Today's tides:High:10:35a.m.; Low tide:5:03p.m.; Ocean temp:51°; Sunset:4:47p.m.

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Jim Anders said...

Tide's in. Dirt's out. Oops. Sorry. That's my laundry detergent speaking.