Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Mornin'! So, this is Christmas...hope you have fun...the near and the dear ones; the old and the young. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; let's hope its a good one! It's 28° with bright sun pouring over the island. It's calm and brisk and beautiful outside. There's a little frost out there making everything sparkle. The sea fragrance is making the morning even more perfect. Temps will rise into the high 40's; maybe even reach the low 50's. A lovely Christmas Day is in store. Lucky for you if you got a new bike as it'll be a perfect day for a bike ride on the Boards. S-SW winds will pick up a bit later 10-15mph as the sun keeps us warmer than most. The ocean's still warmish at 51° keeping WW insulated and warmer. High tide:8:14a.m.; Low tide:2:30p.m.; Ocean temp: 51°; Sunset:4:44p.m.

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Jim Anders said...

Apparently, that camel would walk a mile for a Santa! Merry Christmas!