Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thursday Mix

Mornin'! It's 49° with overcast skies and a mild seabreeze wafting over the island in the darkness. At the moment, the aroma of skunk is filling the neighborhood. Yes...Wildwood has skunk visits from time to time. Today's weather will have a bit of a mix as the day begins with somewhat mild temps and breezes. The temperature becomes even more mild as we head into the afternoon and they rise into the mid-upper 60's. (I'd say a bit unseasonable just over a week before Christmas). It'll remain dry until the S-SW winds ramp up at 15-25mph with gusting of 35+mph today and bring with them evening showers. Might see some Christmas dex wafting around the island today! High tide:10:11a.m.; Low tide:4:50p.m.; Ocean temp: 51°; Sunset: 4:35p.m. 6 days until the days begin to grow longer...the Winter Solstice.


Jim Anders said...

With the Winter Solstice almost here, can Halloween be far behind?

Kathy said...

only 289 days!

Jim Anders said...

But who's counting?