Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome December! Welcome Lyla!

Mornin'! It's a brisk 39° in Wildwood. Sky is clear as the stars are the main attraction in the pre-dawn hour. Sun's due up in less than an hour as it will warm us throughout the entire day as the N-NW winds will be trying to chill us at 10-20mph. Temps will reach the low 50's once again. Temps + Sun + 57° ocean = real nice kickoff to December! By the way...20 days until Winter...the shortest day of the year. High Tide: high noon; Low tide: 6:36p.m.; Ocean temp: 57°; Sunset: 4:37p.m. Congrats to my friends Dorene & Lucas who welcomed their first child...a baby girl yesterday afternoon! Welcome Lyla!

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Jim Anders said...

"It's fruitcake weather, Buddy," said Truman Capote's character in "A Christmas Memory". Your NW winds took me on that trip.
Can I have a receipt, please, Kathy?