Thursday, December 2, 2010

Returning to Sunny Skies

Mornin'! Happy Birthday to my son Joe! It's currently 37° while darkness prevails this morning in WW. The skies are clear and beautiful. There's a thin (finger nail shaped) moon shining along with a huge abundance of stars in the clear, black sky. By the way...the next full moon is at the Winter Solstice...12/21...the shortest day of the year and 1st day of Winter. The winds have subsided and it's still and ocean roaring sound this morning. There will certainly be a beautiful sunrise within the hour. Temps will reach the mid-40's today and along with the sun...beautiful autumn-wintry day at the shore. The winds W-NW (15-20mph) will kick up a little later making for a bit of a breezy day. High tide:4:28p.m.; Low tide:10:28a.m.; Ocean Temp: 53°. Hanukkah began at sundown last night...and will be celebrated for 8 days...Happy Hanukkah! Weekend's still looking good for the tree lighting, Christmas parade and/or beach Bonfire!

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