Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Mornin' and Merry Christmas! Hope you were visited by Spirit of Christmas last night! It's currently 27° with clouds obscuring the "red" horizon; that's right..."red". And, we all know what "red sky in the morning" means. Temps will go up to the mid-upper 30's and those pesky NW winds...have turned into light breezes today at 5-10mph. Clouds will hang over the Wildwood all day with peeks of sun allowing the roar of the ocean to be clearly heard, but more importantly...bringing snow flurries throughout the day. We're not going to have a white Christmas as there's no accumulation predicted, but there's a "Winter Storm Watch" posted now! What did I tell you? Beginning late tonight, there's a 90% chance of a light dusting of snow. Then, tomorrow...a steady snowfall of 3-6 inches are predicted over the island throughout the day. The forecasters thought this "Snowball Express" might make a stop over the island Sunday night...but it looks like it's dropping by tomorrow morning and visiting the island all day. High tide:10:03a.m; Low tide:4:38p.m.; Ocean temp:39° Get the shovels and boots ready and have a wonderful Christmas day! the way..."Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning."

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