Friday, December 10, 2010


Mornin'! It's 28° in Wildwood this cloudy, dark, still, morning. The horizon's looking a bit obscured by clouds as the sky is brightening with brilliant reds. Not much of a breeze out there. A Southeast wind of 10mph will breeze over the island much of today beginning a bit later. Temperature is supposed to get into the 40's today with some sun and some clouds. It'll partly sunny or partly cloudy today. Isn't that 6 of one; half dozen of the other? It'll surely be more comfortable this weekend than it was this week beginning today. Each day the temperature will rise and by Sunday be in the mid-upper 50's. Tomorrow will be the best of them all as Sunday will be a washout. High tide:10:22a.m.; Low tide:4:57p.m.; Ocean temp: 42°. (Next week: frigid temps are coming.) 11 days until the Winter Solstice and the full moon.

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