Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A day that will live in infamy

Mornin'! It's the anniversary of the day that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor 69 years ago. I'd like to be at Pearl Harbor right now as it'll be 81° in Hawaii today. On a serious note, a head bow to those affected by that tragedy. On to the weather...it's freezing in Wildwood with howling winds while my fingers tap a somewhat cool keyboard this morning. It's 60° in this old cold house of mine. I'm wearing thermal pj's, socks with slippers, a robe and a throw thrown over my shoulders. It's still dark outside with a temperature of 28° in WW as 20-25mph winds, gusting at 35mph from the west roar over the island. It'll be partly sunny; partly cloudy in WW today. Temps won't get passed the low 30's and the winds will persist another day. Keep checking for those snow flurries as they're once again predicted. I haven't seen one yet. High tide:8:11a.m.; Low tide:2:42p.m.; Ocean temp:43degrees. It's cold everywhere from the midwest down to the southern states as well as Florida. We're all in this together so don't forget a hairbrush and your chapstick today!


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My Great Grandmother called snow flurries "snow flowers" which always reminds me of Albert Camus' comment on Autumn where "every leaf is a flower".