Sunday, December 12, 2010

Warmer than Normal

Mornin'! The weather forecaster got it right's warmer than normal with unseasonable temperatures. It's currently 52 degrees in WW and will reach the upper 50's today. It'll be cloudy and gray with periods of rain all throughout the day with a possibility of sun peeking through every so often. Some areas may see 60°. Breezes will be gusty and from the south at 15-30mph. Let's just say...the ocean roar is making its presence known big time which is one of my favorite things. High tide:11:55a.m.; Low tide:6:26p.m.; Ocean temp:44°. The seasonable temps will be returning by Tuesday so enjoy this balmy reprieve.


Henry H. Turtle said...

Cuzin' Deb's house? Not Mandelsky's haus? Request from brother: include fisherman reports and local charters (increase advertising visibility)

Jim Anders said...

Include hookers' cell phone numbers, or, if in prison, cell numbers.