Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still brisk and blustery

Mornin'! Winter's going to continue roaring in with blustery, cold, conditions today. It's currently 27°/chill factor in the teens with clear skies and should be mostly sunny today with temps in the mid-upper 30's. What's ugly is the winds...those Westerlies are bringing strong gusts of up to 40mph today and snow drifting is gonna continue for sure. High tide:12:57p.m.; Low tide:6:57a.m.; Ocean temp:35°. The weekend's beginning to look much milder with "meltdown" temps coming around (forecasters are saying in the 50's). I'm thinking maybe too much thaw too quickly with a chance of rain sometime over the weekend as well...uh...time to be thinking getting the submersible pump dusted off as the key word here will be "flooding."

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