Monday, December 27, 2010

What do I say?

Mornin'! It's currently 25 degrees in WW. Winds are gusting up to 40mph giving us a Chill Factor of 12°. The island was plastered with a snow blizzard all day yesterday beginning at 7a.m. and winding down sometime overnight. The City is closed. The island is closed. Our Cable just came back on. The Hot water heater is still off. Our electric is on. The house is encased in snow as the front door is sealed shut by a snow drift. Thankfully no pipes are frozen. Although next door looks like they may have had a pipe break as frozen water's encased down the side of their house right at the outdoor shower location. Working for the fire department one gets to see frozen pipe breakage as a winter epidemic. So far, no plows have gone down our street. Vehicles are buried and snow drifts are past my knees. Forecasters are saying that by noon, we should begin to see peeks of sunshine. The winds will continue to be relentless though making it seem like we're continuing to have some wild weather. High tide:11:57a.m.; Low tide:6:18p.m. What else can I say?


Jim Anders said...

An almost quote: "I used to be pure as snow, but then I drifted." - Mae West, methinks

Jim Anders said...

correct quote is googled below:
"I used to be Snow White... but I drifted."