Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday's Mix

Mornin'! What a "Mix" Wildwood has in store today. It's currently 39° as morning darkness continues to cover the island. Once daybreak unfolds the mix begins. Here goes: overcast, spritz/showers, rain, possible snow flurries, periods of sun and winds. Lets talk about those winds shall we? They're heading this way from the NW and will be ushering in arctic winds/air at 30-40mph. That sounds horrible. But, it's a fact. Even though temps will stick around the high 30° mark today, they'll begin to tumble as those arctic winds will begin creating chill-factors. By tomorrow, it'll feel like the teens and forecasters have even mentioned single digits. The long underwear from the recent beach bonfire is still at my fingertips thankfully! Today's High tide:12:49p.m.; Low tide:7:01p.m.; Ocean temp: 44 degrees. 8 more days until Winter and with that...longer days begin!

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Jim Anders said...

Now, that's a Rockin' Christmas!
(That is a rocking chair,si?)