Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

Mornin'! It's here! The sun that is; greeting the morning of Christmas eve. Temperature is 28° and heading into the low-mid 30's. Today's a carbon copy of yesterday and Wednesday. Dry, partly sunny-cloudy (you decide) and cold. The N-NW winds are still hanging over the island at 15-25mph and still gusting. High tide:9:14a.m.; Low tide:3:05p.m.; Ocean temp:39°. The "Snowball express" is heading in our direction. Forecasters are not completely committing to where it shall pass, but they're now saying there's a 40% chance of snowfall in WW beginning Sunday evening. This "Express" could stay right beneath Delaware and the Delaware Bay and head right into the sea, but ich denke nicht so. Not sure how much, but we'll have snow cover...I'm just saying. It'll be clear tonight though for Santa's flight across the world!

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Jim Anders said...

Posting from Bethlehem, PA, "The Christmas City"
Y'all! Merry, Merry.