Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Eve eve

Mornin'! Not too much longer now...bye-bye 2010. It's looking like another one of those very pretty horizon mornings in WW...muted tropical colors in the darkness. It's cold though as its currently 19°. That'll all turn around as the sun's coming and temps are rising big time and heading to the low-mid 40's today! Even warmer tomorrow and warmer still on Sunday. Nothing at all like last weekend. It'll certainly give our island a meltdown for sure. Winds will be out of West at a calm 5mph. High tide:3:12pm.; Low tide:9:14a.m.; Ocean temp:35°...4 more degrees lower and you'd have Titantic ocean temp!


Jim Anders said...

My friends, Mac and Marlene, just sent me photos of the bay frozen enough to "skate away on".

Debbie said...

It's been a year of 'firsts' for me, including this blog. Here's hoping 2011 continues the wonderful journey!