Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!

Mornin'! Wow...2010 is just cruising along...happy December! Countdown is on...20 days until the days begin to grow longer. There's a Wind Advisory this humpday. I'd say it's pretty gusty this morning in WW as winds are roaring in from the South at 20-30mph with gusts of 45mph. All hell's finally breaking loose now instead of yesterday like they forecasted.'s a mild 57° this Wednesday with rains and winds greeting the day. It'll continue like this throughout most of the day and drying out by sunset. Temps will be in the mid-60's...the warmest day this week as these winds are bringing cooler temps along for the ride. We'll be back in the 50's by this afternoon and 40's tomorrow. I'm still watching the weekend's forecast and it's still looking clear and cold. High tide:3:29p.m.; Low tide:9:27a.m.; Ocean temp: 53°.


Henry H. Turtle said...

Love the use of symbols today! Don't love the way my car lifted off the road from the wind in A.C. this morning but was highly entertained by the skanky hooker with the inside-out umbrella who couldn't make it across the street because of the wind tunnel, but managed to stay on her cell phone the entire time. Right on, sista!

Jim Anders said...

There was a myth before the myth began, Venerable and articulate and complete. -Stevens,Wallace [dodinet referring to symbols brought this quote from my favorite poet to mind]